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Author Dean Carson trained as a physicist, then spent a decade working the crime beat on a daily newspaper. He now runs an entertainment agency, and travels all over Europe performing as a magician and comedian. His travels often inspire his high-octane thrillers.
Dean enjoys travel, climbing, trekking, good food (often reflected in his books), and cold climates. He has spent long periods in the Arctic, and is training to walk 1,400 km in Siberia during winter.

A competitive speaker, he once held the world record for the longest public lecture.

He writes factual books under the name Anthony Galvin.



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The Christmas Killer

As the snow starts to fall, the mutilated body of a young woman is discovered on a construction site.

Then the demolition of the old Chase Asylum reveals further human remains.

It starts to become clear that there's a link between the two deaths . . .

And perhaps also to the asylum's old warden, who disappeared decades earlier.

Detective Jake Austin is on the hunt for a clever, twisted killer, and it's going to be anything but a peaceful Christmas time . . .

Dead or Alive

All bounty hunter Eliot Locke has to do is set up the target, squeeze the trigger and escape as silently as he had arrived.

But he doesn’t count on the hunter becoming the hunted. After narrowly escaping a bomb attack, Eliot is on the run with no passport, money or weapons. It's a terrifying world where no one is who they seem and every friend is a foe.

Dean Carson’s fast-paced tale of an honourable bounty hunter is a thrilling ride with a cliff-hanging moment at the end of every chapter.

Due for publication shortly...

A serial killer is stalking the pilgrims on the Camino Way. Eliot Locke must capture him - this time, alive.

The Camino Killer

The Camino Killer.jpg

Last Shot

The Gilli Gilli Man

The First Murder on Mars

A quiz show where the prize is death - Eliot Locke is sent to Moscow to eliminate a rogue former KGB officer.

International illusionist Tony Black is the only witness to a terrorist attack. Now the illusive Gilli Gilli Man is trying to kill him, and his only hope is the enigmatic CIA agent Dane Todhunter...

The first colony on Mars has got a serial killer - and two Houston cops reluctantly fly out to bring law to Olympus. A modern western.



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Death and Destruction on the Thames in London

A deadly history of the city of London. Perfect for fans of true crime, British politics, and European history.
The history of London is bound up with the infamous river that flows through its centre.
The Thames has witnessed the rise and fall of an Empire and the rapid evolution of a thriving metropolis.
Many of its great tragedies played out on the banks of the Thames: the infamous Gunpowder Plot, the devastating Great Fire, and the Blitz.

Family Feud - Gangland Limerick Exposed

THIS IS THE STORY of how it all began. 1978 and a double-murder that Gardai could not solve - the murder no one saw in a packed pub.

THIS IS THE STORY of what followed: Vicious interfamily feuding, coupled with a thriving drug trade and petty crime, leading to the name 'stab city'.

THIS IS THE STORY of the detectives who have tried to contain the problem. 

THIS IS THE STORY  Limerick, it's gangs, the men who have tried to stop them, and the innocent people who have endured twenty five years of fear, thuggery and intimidation.

Old Sparky - The Electric Chair and the History of Capital Punishment in America

New York Times best seller Old Sparky covers the history of capital punishment in America and the “current wars” between Edison and Westinghouse that led to the development of the electric chair. The electric chair became the most popular method of execution in America before being superseded by lethal injection. Famous executions are explored, alongside quirky last meals and poignant last words.
The death penalty remains a hot topic of debate, and Old Sparky does not shy away from that controversy. .

Ring of Death - Famous Kerry Murders

Scratch beneath Kerry's scenic surface and the sordid secrets of 'the Kingdom’ flow free like blood . . .

Some of Ireland's most notorious murders have taken place in Kerry, including a two-day orgy of slaughter during the Civil War; two farmers fighting over a patch of land not big enough to accommodate a picnic blanket, resulting in a killing that inspired the film The Field: and the notorious Kerry Babies Case.

True-crime writer Anthony Galvin explores the bloody history of Kerry and the many murders over the past century.

Blood on the Streets - a Murderous History of Limerick

Since the 1980s Limerick’s reputation has been tainted by gang feuds, earning it the infamous nickname ‘Stab City’.

In Blood on the Streets, Anthony Galvin explores many notorious murders, including the case of Deborah Hannon, who hacked her best friend to death with a Stanley knife. Galvin recounts the murder of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe by the IRA, and the story of the last man hanged in Ireland. He also spotlights the city’s hit men, including the only hit man in the country to have been convicted of murder twice, and delves into some notorious gangland killings.

The Cruellest Cut - Women who Kill

Women kill for the same reasons as men: greed, revenge, self-defence. They kill to get themselves out of embarrassing situations or to keep their dirty secrets hidden. But they also kill for more distinct reasons: to end abuse, to `protect' their children or because they have reached snapping point and can take no more. And just because women kill less often than men, it doesn't mean that they can' t be every bit as vicious. Anthony Galvin examines the chilling cases of Irish women who have committed gory, unthinkable crimes. Their victims include neighbours, children, partners and husbands, and the forensic details are shocking. 

Hitmen for Hire - Ireland's Professional Killers

Nothing epitomizes the vicious side of crime more than the shadowy figure of the hitman-a murderer for hire.

Anthony Galvin examines the chilling stories behind the 'hits'. Some were high profile, like the murder of journalist Veronica Guerin. Others were more low key, with fees as low as £200.

Some hits led to gang wars, other's were for very trivial reasons. Some killed more than once, some were caught first time.

All killed for a fee...

The Great Polar Fraud

In 1910 Roald Amundsen set off for the North Pole but received word that two Americans—Frederick Cook and Robert Peary—claimed to have got there first. Devastated, he turned south. But doubts remained about the American claims.

In 1926 Richard Byrd claimed to have flown over the Pole, becoming the third man to reach that mythical spot. But all three men lied.
Just three days later Amundsen reached the Pole in an airship, but died without ever knowing he was the first there. 

The Great Polar Fraud rewrites the history of polar exploration and puts Amundsen center stage as the rightful conqueror of both poles.

A Man Called Harris (with Michael Sheridan)

Richard Harris was a giant who oozed charisma on screen. But off screen he was troubled and addicted to every pleasure life could offer. Coming from a repressed Irish Catholic background, he was forced by a teenage illness to abandon his beloved rugby, but not his macho appetites.
Discovering theatre saved him. He was always a hell-raiser, but he was more; he was a gifted poet and singer. He was an intelligent family man who took great interest in his craft, a Renaissance man of the film world. Every time his excesses threatened to kill his career – and himself – he rose magnificently from the ashes.

Teach Yourself Easy Magic Tricks

Whether you are a budding magician wanting to discover the basics of modern magic or an experienced hobbyist wanting to develop further, this book will enable you to quickly and easily master extraordinary magic tricks and skills that will astound and enthrall your audience. Using everyday objects to perform mind-boggling illusions, you will be able to become a confident and competent magician.



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